About us 

Compassionate Hands was organized in 1993 by the Yukon Ministerial Alliance, business leaders and concerned citizens. Compassionate Hands serves Yukon as a clearing house, networking service, and referral agency to provide services, support and to foster hope for self-sufficiency. Compassionate Hands reaches out to strengthen cooperation in local mission work. We assist with: housing/emergency shelter; utility cutoffs; prescription needs; food & clothing referrals; personal/baby care items; gas to work or doctor; and affordable handicap accessible van for area elderly and disabled residents. 

This is a one of a kind agency in Yukon. We assist people in the 73099 zip code area and/or Yukon Public School District. There is no public transportation here in Yukon. So the transportation that we offer is very beneficial to the elderly and disabled. They rely on us to get them to the grocery store, doctors’ appointments, dialysis & other places as needed. Our services to the elderly and disabled are free, however, we do accept donations from our clients. We never refuse transportation because someone can’t pay. Our van runs Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm. Last year, we transported 1,540 elderly and disabled passengers and traveled 28,015 miles. 

Our Mission 

In response to Christ’s mission to help others, Compassionate Hands serves people in temporary crisis, by addressing immediate needs, fostering hope and guiding towards self sufficiency. 


It is our goal to be able to extend services to 100% of those that request assistance. We would also like to provide transportation services to individuals that are attending the local Tech Center and Community College. There are a lot of people that would like to further their education but aren’t able to because they don’t have transportation to do so. I would like to hire someone to drive the van during the evenings to offer this program. 


In 2012 we transported 1,540 elderly and disabled passengers and we traveled 28, 015 miles. We would not be able to transport many more clients because the van runs Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm, with very little down time. 

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