About Us

Compassionate Hands was organized in 1994 by the Yukon Ministerial Alliance, business leaders and concerned citizens. Compassionate Hands serves Yukon as a clearing house, networking service, and referral agency to provide services, support and to foster hope for self-sufficiency. Compassionate Hands reaches out to strengthen cooperation in local mission work. We assist with rental evictions; utility cutoffs; prescription needs; personal/baby care items; gas to work or doctor; and affordable accessible van for area elderly and residents with disabilities. 

This is a one of a kind agency in Yukon. We assist people in the 73099 zip code area and/or Yukon Public School District. There is no public transportation here in Yukon. Our Care-A-Van service is essential for seniors and residents with disabilities. Transportation is offered for medical appointments, shopping, dialysis, physical therapy & other personal errands as needed. Our van runs Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm.

Our Mission 

In response to Christ’s mission to help others, Compassionate Hands serves people in temporary crisis, by addressing immediate needs, fostering hope and guiding towards self sufficiency. 


In 2021, our van transported 1,112 seniors, 612 residents with disabilities, on 3,255 trips and traveled 30,147 miles. Total van expenses were $35,836.

We assisted 333 households, 339 kids under age 18, and 791 individuals with services such as rent (143), utilities (148), medicine, and gas cards totaling $49,965.

The Care-A-Van was maintained as a result of the generosity of our van sponsors consisting of local businesses throughout the year.

Thank you to our sponsors!