A bit of news we have today, A No Bake Bake Sale is on the way.

In these busy days, who wants to bake, A pie or cookies or even a cake?

You’d be surprised if you counted the cost, of ingredients, heat, and the time you lost.

So include in your gift the total price of a pie or cake or anything nice.

And if you would normally buy our goodies, we have a plan minus the cookies.

Include in your gift the amount you would buy, and have no worries it’ll go to your thighs.

Help us reach our goal of $5,000 to run our Care-A-Van for 6 months!

This service assists elderly and citizens with disabilities with FREE transportation in Yukon.

Double your Money!! Your donation will be matched by the Yukon Masons! Thank you!

  • Cookies $10
  • Loaf Of Bread $25
  • Pie & Cake $50
  • Party Cake Level & REAL Italian Creme Cake Drawing Entry $100

BONUS!  Double your Money!! Your donation will be matched by the Yukon Masons!

P.S. This is a virtual bake sale, no real cookies, bread, pie or cake will be provided. Thanks in advance for your support of the community!

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